The next event is on Thursday 25th May.

About 1/2 Day Cyber Security & GDPR Master Class

Whilst not a new thing, for most businesses cyber security has only recently made it onto the radar.
Many businesses are unclear what cyber security means for them, and assume it is an IT issue. However, its implications to their day to day activities, and the consequences of failing to address the issues could have serious implications for the business.
This half day course is designed to help businesses understand what is covered under the broad heading of “cyber security”. During the course, we will cover:
- What is cyber security.
- Why it is important for businesses to address.
- Examples of cyber security threats facing businesses.
- How a business should approach cyber security.
- The benefits of improving cyber security.

On The Day:

This intensive, interactive course is designed to help you think about how cyber security issues affect your business, and what you need to be doing to address the potential threats facing you. It is both engaging and informative, drawing on the experience of delegates to explore the subject and to give real world application to the subject. We explain ways in which threats manifest, and how they can be mitigated.
You’ll leave the session with a clarity on the reach of cyber security in your business. You will also have some practical steps you can apply immediately within your own setting to reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack.

Who Should Attend?

Aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses, delegates will usually be one of the following:
- COO/Operations Director/Manager
- HR Director/Manger
- CTO/IT Director
Whether you have out-sourced IT support or internal resource, this course will provide you with an understanding of what they need to be doing for you with regards to cyber security.
From an HR perspective, we will help you understand the implications of cyber security with regards to your workforce, and what you need to be doing to help them understand the threats, thereby reducing the risk to the business.
Event runs from 9am-12:30pm and includes free tea and coffee and pastries.