5 Steps to Comply with the GDPR

Tuesday 8th May at the Holiday Inn Regent's Park, London (Cambridge Suite)


About the GDPR Masterclass

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25th May 2018. Businesses of all sizes need to understand the implications of the changes to the law or risk a hefty fine of up to 4% of your turnover.
GDPR affects most small businesses concerning the storage and management of prospect data for new businesses and the processing of historic data. In this fast track session will give you everything you need to continue to operate within the constraints of the law, whilst not compromising on your business growth.
- The differences between the Data Controller and the Data Processor
- The difference between PECR and the ePrivacy Regulation
- Your legal basis for storing and managing personal data
- The difference between Consent and Legitimate Interest
- How to protect your business against cyber threats
- How to run marketing campaigns in a GDPR compliant way
- Three steps to a perfectly formed Privacy Policy

Event runs from 9am-11:00am