The next 1/2 Marketing Masterclass is on Tuesday 15th May at 7 Adam Street, London, WC2N 6AA

About 1/2 Day Digital Marketing Masterclass

Businesses around the world have moved online. But with so many companies competing for the same customers, your marketing needs to be unique, compelling and stand out from the crowd. In this unique 1/2 day masterclass, Iconic Digital's CEO, Steve Pailthorpe will show you how to make the most out of the digital marketplace, covering a wide range of subjects including:
- How to get your website to the top of Google's search ranking
- How to utilise the Internet to promote your business
- How to develop a social media strategy to build brand and engage your audience
- How to grow your business by utilising viral marketing to understand consumer behaviour

On The Day:

We'll use your business and others in the room as real life case studies so you’ll understand how these marketing strategies apply specifically to your business. You'll leave the workshop with an absolute minimum of 5 practical steps to immediately improve your sales and marketing strategy. In this interactive sales and marketing workshop we’ll share the vital low cost marketing tools and techniques used by marketing experts around the world to increase your profits.
Each session is dynamic and fast paced, designed to introduce you to a myriad of new ways to think about how you market, promote and sell your business. What you'll learn from from this workshop:
- The marketing concepts you must understand to grow your business
- How to dramatically improve your website and marketing materials
- How to attract new clients by creating an irresistible offer
- How to get other businesses to promote you at little or no cost
- How to use your biggest asset - your existing customers - to grow your business.
- Why you should think about marketing in terms of return on investment rather than cost
- How to start thinking like a strategic marketer and applying it to your business
- How to start looking at what you sell through the eyes of your customers
- How to start thinking like an entrepreneur
- How to easily find all the websites your competitors have links on and apply this to your marketing
- How to use your customers feedback to transform your marketing
All this and much more…

Who Should Attend?

Small businesses who know that using the right marketing is the key to business growth, but don't have the knowledge, experience and expertise that this workshop will deliver. Start ups, small and medium sized businesses and corporates will all benefit from what this workshop delivers.
Event runs from 9am-12:30pm and includes free tea and coffee and pastries.