Every business owner needs their marketing activity to generate inbound leads. Using enterprise technology - previously only available to large corporations – you can now track your website prospects, monitor their engagement and automatically assign your Sales Team to work on new business. Google Analytics tells you how many people have been on your website, but our lead generation system tells you exactly who has been on your website. It provides the contact information and tracks their behaviour and will automatically rank your prospects based on their purchasing behaviour – all before an enquiry is even made.

How does website analytics work?

Business intelligence has revolutionised the way online marketing has evolved in recent years. Every company has their own registered IP address. Using IP tracking technology, we can cross reference the IP address against the national records to tell you how many people have been on your website but more importantly, who has been on your website. Using several other sources of data such as LinkedIn and Dunn and Bradstreet, we can acquire all of the other information about the person accessing your website. Using website analytics we can also track your audience, monitor their behaviour and send you an email every time a prospects returns to your site. 

How to generate business leads from your website?

Login to your web analytics portal and score your leads based on their current online behaviour. Grade each web page with a unique score – pages of greater significant can then carry a higher score. Using lead scoring, the system will then list your web leads in order of priority. The system will then monitor purchasing behaviour and distinguish prospects that are ready for engagement. Automatically assign prospects within the system to your Sales Team and then trigger automated emails to your team whenever the prospect hits your predefined lead score. 

How much does Wow Analytics cost?

For a fixed monthly cost of £150 you can get access to enterprise technology. Start with a free, no obligation 30 day trial and watch your website come to life. Call us today to get started.