PR plays an essential role in building relationships with your desired audience. To advance and promote your reputation, it is crucial to establish effective communication which will ensure that you successfully reach your target demographic. The expertise needed to utilise PR effectively can be expensive, and time-consuming.


Do you want Industry targeted PRs?

Iconic Digital is a PR agency based in London, specialising in both online and offline marketing. We can manage all elements of your PR for you including relationship management with editors. Our researchers are able to build lists of editors appropriate to your industry. By contacting them directly, we establish and maintain positive long-term relationships with these publications. Using these established contacts Iconic Digital is able to distribute on your behalf any promotional products to a list of suitable journalists and editors.


What is our approach?

Our team of experienced researchers and journalists can work together on your behalf to write articles and press releases that are tailored specifically to make sure that they are both interesting and relevant to your industry. Working with photographers and our creative team, we can produce white papers as well as regular press releases to publicise announcements such as product launches, and cover events.

We are able to provide all of these services for you at either a fixed cost or a monthly rate.

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