New business opportunities can be hard to come by, but with successful marketing campaigns managed by Iconic Digital we can help you to generate sales leads that convert into contractual revenue. Our focus is to generate sales leads that are of a good quality. With our successful marketing campaigns, you’ll see more hits on your website which will translate into more new business enquiries. The hallmark of successful marketing campaigns is new business opportunities for your sales team.
Starting a campaign to generate sales leads is simple. We’ll help you to identify your target audience, ensure you have the right company data to communicate your message. We’ll then manage your email marketing, direct mail and advertising requirements to produce successful marketing campaigns that generate sales leads for your business.

How does Iconic Digital Generate Sales Leads?

Utilising award winning marketing and analytics tools we can generate sales leads for almost any organisation. First of all, we work to identify the target audience; your ideal customer and the decision maker within that organisation. We’ll then use our buying power with reputable data brokers to get you good quality ‘opt in’ data cheaply. Using this data we can start successful marketing campaigns through a number of different marketing channels - via email, online, direct mail or through the use of social media. 
The most successful marketing campaigns that generate sales leads come from a mixture of different campaigns that are strategically scheduled together to attract your target audience to your physical shop or online website. We’ll work with you to optimise your servicescape or website landing page so that when people arrive at your shop or site, they’ll see appropriate content that’s relevant to them. Our designers are experts at point of sale literature.
Our successful marketing campaigns utilise analytics and tracking to monitor a consumers purchasing behaviour online which enables us to reach out to buyers and the right time, helping you to generate sales leads. Our systems can synchronise with your sales team to email them when a buyer returns to your website and we can track the buyer through social media channels such as LinkedIn.

What Makes Successful Marketing Campaigns?

Successful marketing campaigns will generate sales leads of a good quality. We prefer not to call these ‘sales leads’ as traditionally leads were just a set of contact information, often of no consequence. We aim to deliver new business enquiries where the consumer gets in touch with you or where your Sales Team reach out to the consumer when they are ready to make a purchase. This type of lead is much more reliable and more likely to result in sales.
Find out how Iconic Digital can help you generate sales leads with successful marketing campaigns. Call us on 020 8133 1395.