Why is mobile important for your business?

Mobile seems to have naturally followed desktop as the primary method of searching online. More and more websites are being optimised for mobile use, including the big names such as Google who recently launched a new ad format, and redesigned Google Maps for mobile use.

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Should I still use Google Authorship?

June 25th 2014 saw the unexpected announcement of the removal of authorship photos from Google search results. Google has been encouraging everyone to use Authorship by integrating the author's Google Plus biography with the content the author has written.

What Is Google Authorship?

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Facebook beating Twitter’s growth due to mobile surge

The UK revenue for microblogging services is set to double to around £100million, compared to the £570million expected from social networks.

Twitter alone is forecast to generate a UK revenue of almost £100m, doubling from last year. Facebook is also estimated a significant boost in revenue by 40%, up to a massive £570million. However, Twitter will not reach its target of a UK revenue of £180m by 2015, failing to meet expectations from investors.

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4 ways to measure if you are engaging your audience

If you’re a business trying to market yourself to your prospects and customers then the chances are that you’ve done a lot of research about how best to engage with your audience. Whether this is via social media, email marketing or other platforms, you should be successfully engaging your audience by building brand awareness, market engagement and lead generation, resulting in increased sales. However, many firms struggle to achieve a quantifiable return on investment.

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