How to convince your CEO that you need inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is all about organic, user-oriented growth. It contributes to the bottom line of businesses, and works towards expanding your businesses in an effective and sustainable way to drive ROI. So how can you convince your CEO that inbound marketing is necessary, and what could it bring to your business?

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Google Reveals New International Brand

Google has just announced their new branding which is now appearing across all Google products. Google is not the first to undergo a simplification of their brand. In recent month's we have seen a chain of Silicone Valley bluechips rebranding to make their logos and identity simpler and more easy to read on smaller devices. 


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3 ways to double your Social Media Content

Social Media is usually that extra job that is delegated to the first person around at the time, who is usually too busy and does not have the time to tweet, check Facebook engagement levels, share, like or favourite content, even though is obvious how important it is to any growing business.

The following 3 quick and easy tips have been proven to produce twice more output and frequent content for less effort; and as with most things, the greater the output, the greater the level of engagement…

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