Twitter Launches ‘Moments In The UK’

With the success of its October release in the US, Twitter has officially released their ‘Moments’ feature in the UK. Simply, Twitter Moments is a compilation of important news stories on Twitter from around the world at any given time.

With multiple offices around the world, Twitter has recently set up a new office of editors in the centre of London. All of the new team have a history in journalism and their sole jobs are to find the latest trending news, and organise and curate it into one place; Twitter Moments, for all Twitter users to access.

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It’s time to polish your PR strategy ready for 2016

Despite the fact that releasing PRs to the press can seem a daunting prospect, PRs have a key role to play within your content strategy. They help to communicate your news and updates to a wider audience and generate greater brand awareness. With the New Year in sight, no doubt you’ll be thinking about how to improve your marketing from this year. Here are some tips to polish your PR strategy ready for 2016.

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