Why not try these long-standing effective digital marketing techniques?

When they think about their digital marketing, many businesses are aware that it is important; however they may focus on one element such as social media to try to create an online presence for themselves. Although this can be a good start, there is much more to marketing your business online. It can be difficult for companies to know where to start, but there are a number of strategies that have proven themselves to demonstrate long-standing success, including the following:

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What to do with your non-engaged subscribers

As much as we hate to admit it, non-engaged subscribers are a fact of life for us marketers. Whether you’re defining this based on those who aren’t opening or clicking on your emails, or something else, it sure is a bug-bear to us all at some point or other. There are several ways in which we can reach out to our non-engaged lists, but initially it comes down to how you’re defining that segment. Here are a few possibilities for list segmentation to help get you started:

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Twitter's new button allows sharing to private messages

The beginning of April has seen Twitter adding a new button, which enables users to share tweets using direct messages. Leading the way amongst other social sites, the social media site has simplified the ability to share content with others in a private message.

Sharing on Twitter previously

In the past, it was possible to share a tweet in a private message by first tapping it, then selecting “Send via Direct Message” in the settings. This is similar to the processes on other social sites, such as Facebook, where the steps are not too dissimilar.

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