What has the effect of Google’s “Possum” update been so far?

On September 1st, Google released another algorithm update. SEO experts have termed this the “Possum” update. The name was suggested by Phil Rozek, who thought the name was apt considering the Google My Business listings have now been filtered which can make it seem as if they are no longer there – as if they are “playing possum”.

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How to make the most of SEO when it is constantly changing

Over the years, Google has consistently released updates which have rendered some areas of digital marketing ineffective. Where it was once possible to create a large volume of links to your site, or cram in keywords that weren’t all that relevant to your content, now these techniques will result in your website being penalised by Google and moved down in search engine results. Google’s algorithm updates mean the search engines now favour websites with high quality content and white-hat methods of making themselves more visible.

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How Email Marketing Has Changed the Process of Lead Generation

We all want more leads, but getting them is another matter. Lead generation is an art all unto itself. And while there are many ways to go about getting leads, some marketers are more successful than others.

There are still many marketers that are set in their old ways. They focus on traditional methods of marketing such as outbound campaigns like mass advertisement and email blasts. And while all these avenues reach out to audiences in a broader way, one thing is missing –communicating with audiences 1:1.

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