How to use Twitter within your digital marketing strategy

Social media is a powerful tool, representing a large part of a business’s overall potential digital marketing strategy. Like any tool, understanding how to use your social media properly allows you to achieve a far greater return on investment, enjoying a range of engagement, loyalty and cash flow benefits.

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How can analytics help you to generate more leads?

It is the aim of every marketing department within a business to generate as many inbound links as possible. However it can often be difficult to measure where these leads have come from and therefore where to target resources for the most effective marketing strategy.

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Email as a tool for acquisition

There seems to be a common perception that email marketing is generally just used for communicating with your current customers. For some reason, it's not often seen as a method for acquiring customers as well.

The rise of marketing automation has meant that email can be used as an effective tool for lead generation (and maintenance). By segmenting your data into hot, cold, engaged etc. leads, you should have no problem using your email marketing to bring new customers to you as well as to keep current customers coming back for more.

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