Why should Twitter be at the forefront of your social media marketing strategy?

Twitter has gone through multiple evolutions in recent times. In response to claims that the 140-character limit would kill the social platform, for example, last year the limit was doubled. When critics said that it would become obsolete as video, not text, becomes the communication tool of choice, Twitter evolved again to enable users to film video direct in the app, upload it or even go live. Twitter has shown incredible resilience in the face of some tough challenges and today has more than 335 million monthly active users, more than LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest.

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The 3 most valuable content sources

We've been talking for a while about creating valuable, high quality content. Every business is different, so how do you know which content works best? We did the research across a range of companies and found out. 

1) E-books

Unlike whitepapers, e-books come across as slightly more informal and, therefore, easier to digest. E-books are also easier to promote across a range of channels and cement businesses as experts in their field. After all, it takes a lot of effort to develop a book, even an e-book, so the content must be worth it.
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Mobile responsive vs Mobile optimised - which is better for your website design?

Website design has evolved at a blistering pace over the past decade. Gone are the days when a website was purely created to deliver its data in the most efficient way possible. Today, the focus is not just on data communication but also ensuring that the experience of using a website is satisfying and that the structure is search engine compliant for the benefit of SEO. The key to this is designing a website that can be used and browsed via mobile – but should you opt for a mobile responsive or a mobile optimised design?

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How to get your SEO strategy up-to-date to get to #1 in Google

A #1 ranking on Google is the dream for any business when it comes to SEO. If you’re just not achieving anywhere near this level of success at present then it may be that your SEO strategy needs an update. These are some of the most crucial components to ensure your SEO strategy has if that coveted top spot is what you’re looking to achieve.

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How can you measure your brand engagement and awareness over time?

Strong brand awareness underpins business success today. If your brand is among the first to come to mind for a consumer looking at a particular product, service or sector then you will have a significant competitive advantage over others. Key to understanding the brand awareness that your business has built is being able to measure it over time. These five key metrics will help you to get more of an understanding of what you’re achieving with brand engagement and awareness.

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