New Year Sales Resolutions: Our Top 4 Tips for a Successful 2019

Tis the season for New Years’ resolutions and a focus on self-improvement. Whether that’s getting healthier, spending more time with family or a career related goal. But come February, they’re usually a flash in the pan. They’re either unattainable, over complicated or we’ve not set a plan to reach the goal in place to motivate us.

When it comes to goals you set for work, a lot more rides on it than superficial resolutions. So, if you’re in new business or marketing and you want some easy to follow goals to be your best work-self in 2018, try these:

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Important website features to make sure your website has

Investing in your website is crucial. As the first point of contact with consumers it can affect everything, from trust to reputation. However, given the speed at which technology and design move it could potentially be a serious drain on resources to try to maintain a website that is always on trend. What’s crucial is to determine the key features your website actually needs and to focus on developing those rather than wasting time and money on unnecessary additions.

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5 social media predictions paving the way this year

Social media is fast moving and constantly evolving. The trends and ideas that dominated in 2017 and across last year are already making way for new practices and insights. Now that we’re at the start of 2019 there are some key social media predictions that could significantly change the social media landscape this year.

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