Mobile Phones Now Used In 6.8% Of Store Purchases

Deloitte have released figures showing that 6.8% of in-store sales are now driven by mobile influence. Businesses have long been aware that mobile phones are playing a bigger and more important in the purchasing process, but these recent figures may come as a surprise. Not only are consumers more likely to purchase products and items directly through mobile commerce channels, but the modern generation of smartphones are being used increasingly as a means to drive in-store shopping decisions too.

The Deloitte Survey

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Metro Claims Social Media Has Driven Record Traffic Figures

The online newspaper Metro has put record traffic figures down to its successful use of social media websites. Having undergone a major redesign in December 2012, the site has gone on to reach new heights; something that owners Associated Press have said is down to the introduction of the mobile friendly design and also the use of streams and a strong social media influence. A 21% month on month increase means that the so-called freesheet attracted more than 20 million visitors in November this year.
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5 Ways To Successfully Use Social Media For Your Business

Social media marketing can serve many purposes for your business, and for you professionally. Sites like Facebook and Twitter attract hundreds of millions, or even billions of users, and you only need to reach a tiny fraction of these people to be able to consider social media campaign a success. As well as using these sites to prospect for leads, there are other ways that you can consider using your social profile in a bid to try and improve your business and website results.

1 – Competitor Research

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Winners in the Sutton Business Awards 2013

We’re delighted to come away with two honours last night at the Sutton Business Awards. 
The first award was given by the London Borough of Sutton as the Best New Business for 2013. 
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How Hummingbird Will Affect Your SEO Efforts

Whenever Google announces a new algorithm change, the world sits up and takes notice. In fact, a lot of the world panics and starts decrying the end of SEO as we know it. While Hummingbird was billed as being the biggest change to Google’s algorithms in 12 years, it didn’t have that much of an effect on websites’ SEO efforts. Those sites that were writing high quality content, and performing ethical SEO still found themselves at the top of the search rankings, and they continue to do so today.

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6 Content Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Results

Following recent Google updates, and because of the nature of the modern Internet, content marketing has become one of the most popular forms of marketing a website. It requires the posting of high quality content on your site, and then marketing this, rather than marketing your products and services. It can seem counter-intuitive to a lot of marketers, but as long as your content and website design are set up to sell, you will benefit from good content marketing. 

1 – Create An Attention Grabbing Headline First

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How to build a PR strategy without paying the earth

One of the secrets of attaining huge brand exposure is by learning how to manage the press. But if you’re just starting out or if you’ve never even thought about PR, then all this talk of journalists and press released can seem daunting.
PR at its most basic level is communicating your message to a wider audience in a way that is interesting, news worthy and engaging. The only difference is that you are using journalists and editorial contacts, to gain increased exposure.
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How to Get the Best Results from your Email Marketing

We have all been in the position of receiving unwanted email. Our reaction to it may vary: from outright rage at a company’s sheer audacity in sending unsolicited messages, to a vague annoyance at having to spend those few precious seconds unsubscribing or moving that message to the trash.
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New Website For UK's Largest Shredding Company

Iconic Digital is pleased to announce the development of a new website for Shred-on-Site, the UK’s leading independent paper shredding company. 

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How to build Trust, Interest & Action from Email Marketing

It’s always tempting to put a catchy and interesting subject line just for open’s sake but let me ask you - does having a higher open rate really increase the effectiveness of  your email marketing?
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