How Marketing Automation Saves You Time and Generates Money

The digital landscape is complex and ever-evolving, so working smarter isn’t just a “nice-to-have,” it’s become a vital component of being a modern marketer.

Time is a valuable commodity, and we can’t waste it if we want to survive in a competitive marketplace. That’s why leading B2B companies are always looking for areas in which they can save both on time and money. So where do they look? They look at opportunities that enable them to automate their repetitive tasks.

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Why Twitter is still one of the strongest social platforms for digital marketing

It is widely known that social media plays an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Since its launch in 2004, Twitter alone has 313 million monthly active users, along with Facebook, which has acquired over 1.71 billion monthly active users. Other popular social networking sites, designed more specifically for business use, such as Google Plus and LinkedIn offer another 300 million monthly users and 450 million users respectively.

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Look at your website design from the perspective of your visitor

It can be easy to get hung up on the aesthetics when it comes to designing a new website or re-designing an existing one. However, what many companies don’t understand is that if you truly want to achieve brand awareness, then you’ll have to focus on more than just how the website looks. There are more than a billion websites all across the internet, so when someone visits yours you need to make sure that it has been optimised for the user. It’s important to focus on how easy it is for visitors to navigate your website as well as thinking about the overall user experience.

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Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy With Email Marketing

Surprisingly enough, there are those in the world of digital marketing that still think that email marketing was always a passing fad. Especially lagging companies. CMOs and top executives at these companies are neglecting email marketing and spending time on other avenues for lead generation and prospect conversion. From multichannel avenues such as social media, landing pages on websites and webinars, while these avenues are still alive and well, email marketing isn’t the frontrunner.

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Why every company needs a digital marketing strategy

With the way modern technology has evolved in recent years, companies are trying to adapt the way they do marketing. They are changing their business models to incorporate an online approach with digital marketing. Being able to attract targeted audiences online shows the difference between a thriving, successful business and a failing one. Even if you are bringing in a ton of traffic to your website it will not amount to anything unless you are able to convert them into leads and sales. Digital marketing provides business owners the best chances for survival and business growth.

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The basics of blogging for companies looking to begin a corporate blog

Blog writing is a skill, which is different to simply writing content. It involves a combination of elements such as SEO as well as demonstrating thought leadership within your industry. They must be structured properly and provide an engaging read which invites readers to want to get in touch to know more about your company and what you have to offer. So if you’ve never done corporate blogging before, here are some basics to help you begin:

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Use Your Email Universe to Generate Your Social Followers

Email Marketing and Social Media marketing are like parallel universes. The most effective marketing strategies are multi-dimensional – they reach into every corner of the web multiverse.

It’s not a question of whether email marketing is more effective than social media marketing, or vice-versa – the question is how to link the two universes to extend influence.

If you’re not already supplementing your email campaign with social media links, consider the following:

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8 steps to creating more engaging social media posts

Since social media is a large part of a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s important to maximise engagement with your followers in order to generate measureable ROI. But with more than 313 million monthly active users across different channels fighting to make their voices heard, how can you distinguish your company’s posts from the rest of the noise and create more engaging social media posts?

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Why SEO and Content Marketing are an effective combination

SEO is a fundamental digital marketing channel, as it holds the basis for the rest of your online strategy. SEO makes your website more visible in Google searches under the term you think your audience is searching.

Content marketing is another vital area of your digital marketing strategy, whereby on-page content such as blogs, and off-page content such as Press Releases, work together to drive traffic to your site. But how do SEO and Content Marketing complement each other and why are they an effective combination?

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6 reasons to outsource your online marketing to a digital marketing agency

Whether you’re the Marketing Director of a large corporation, or an SME, time is not often something that is going spare. It is estimated that, on average, up to 30% of your total budget should be spent on marketing to help business growth and generate sales. This can mean that a large proportion of time also needs to be spent managing this marketing strategy, which can put a strain on your in-house resources. What’s more, digital marketing is a very specialist part of your marketing strategy.

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