How To Achieve Blog Visibility In Four Simple Steps

Blogs are a great way to create some buzz around your products and services, to attract traffic to your website and to give your online presence a bit of personality. However, the issue with a blog is that it’s really only effective if someone can see it. It’s widely acknowledged that a large proportion of blogs tend to go relatively unnoticed by the vast majority of the British online public, which if you’re blogging about your favourite recipes or your new pet isn’t really such a big deal.

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We're Finalists in the 2014 London Business Awards

We’re hugely proud to have been named as a finalist in the Prospects London Business Awards 2014. The inaugural awards brings together companies from across the capital to compete in several categories. The awards aim to demonstrate the best in class and celebrate the success of both small and large businesses. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in June to be held at The Brewery in London.
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4 Tips to Help Your Email Marketing Succeed

Everyone thinks they’ve heard the best email marketing advice but take it from me; the only sound advice comes from those who are actually achieving great return on investment – and that’s only a fraction of all email marketers practitioners. 
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New Drupal Website for leading Japanese Knotweed Specialist

UK Japanese Knotweed eradication specialists, Environet UK Ltd today launched a fantastic new Drupal 7 website courtesy of the development team at Iconic Digital.

The brief included a full site redesign to modernise their brand and improve optimisation. The new website needed to integrate with their CMS so that all contact forms write content directly into the system.  The new site looks visually stunning but also includes some useful widgets to enhance the call to action message.

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3 Social Media Tactics to Increase Engagement

Every internet marketer knows that it’s possible to increase market engagement and campaign effectiveness by using social media. In fact in 2013 we saw an average of 500 million tweets every day and over 350 million Facebook photos uploaded every month. Despite such massive growth across social channels, it amazes me how poorly some businesses use social media today.  Here’s my three top tips to help you engage with your audience.

#1 Become a Content Junkie

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Marketing Automation Techniques For Business

Many entrepreneurs and online marketers will already be using some forms of marketing automation techniques without really thinking about it. Applications that share blog headlines across social media channels and automated email marketing campaigns are all good examples of marketing automation. However, these techniques only scratch the surface of what can prove to be a hugely beneficial and lucrative addition to your universal marketing mix.

What is marketing automation?

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How To Get 1,000 Genuine Twitter Followers In 8 Weeks

We’ve all seen adverts offering hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers for a few pounds, and some of us may have even purchased these services. In reality, bulking up your Twitter account in this way offers very little benefit. 
The stark reality is that your unique followers are likely spoof profiles, created on mass using specialist software. Your new followers will not become active members of your social community and they certainly won’t increase your social footprint or share your content. 
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B2B, B2C, Or Human To Human Marketing?

Before the days of social media marketing, and the proliferation of devices that allowed easy access to the world’s largest repository of information , marketing campaigns used to be geared towards either businesses or consumers. In some ways, the B2B and B2C divide still exists – you should still address business leads differently to consumers for most products, but in reality it is always people that make decisions. 
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Video Marketing becomes popular with consumers

The comScore Video Metrix has been released, and it shows significant increases in the number of people that watch video online, but an even greater increase in the number of video ads that are played and consumed on a monthly basis.
Companies that have previously ignored mobile should consider their own marketing efforts, especially considering video content is especially popular with mobile users. The proliferation of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, means that these increases may only be the beginning of the story. 
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Mobile Phones Now Used In 6.8% Of Store Purchases

Deloitte have released figures showing that 6.8% of in-store sales are now driven by mobile influence. Businesses have long been aware that mobile phones are playing a bigger and more important in the purchasing process, but these recent figures may come as a surprise. Not only are consumers more likely to purchase products and items directly through mobile commerce channels, but the modern generation of smartphones are being used increasingly as a means to drive in-store shopping decisions too.

The Deloitte Survey

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