Are You Getting the Best Out of Your Marketing Automation Platform?

In the sales and marketing realm, we’re continuously working to convert leads into customers. Top of the class are the marketing teams that invest and utilise automated marketing tools and respective best practices associated, creating highly engaged users, and tracking all available touch-points of the lifecycle journey. But what do you need to consider when assessing if your company is getting the best out of what marketing automation has to offer? Here are the key points:

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How to convince your CEO that you need inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is all about organic, user-oriented growth. It contributes to the bottom line of businesses, and works towards expanding your businesses in an effective and sustainable way to drive ROI. So how can you convince your CEO that inbound marketing is necessary, and what could it bring to your business?

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Marketing Automation Techniques For Business

Many entrepreneurs and online marketers will already be using some forms of marketing automation techniques without really thinking about it. Applications that share blog headlines across social media channels and automated email marketing campaigns are all good examples of marketing automation. However, these techniques only scratch the surface of what can prove to be a hugely beneficial and lucrative addition to your universal marketing mix.

What is marketing automation?

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How To Get 1,000 Genuine Twitter Followers In 8 Weeks

We’ve all seen adverts offering hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers for a few pounds, and some of us may have even purchased these services. In reality, bulking up your Twitter account in this way offers very little benefit. 
The stark reality is that your unique followers are likely spoof profiles, created on mass using specialist software. Your new followers will not become active members of your social community and they certainly won’t increase your social footprint or share your content. 
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How to Get the Best Results from your Email Marketing

We have all been in the position of receiving unwanted email. Our reaction to it may vary: from outright rage at a company’s sheer audacity in sending unsolicited messages, to a vague annoyance at having to spend those few precious seconds unsubscribing or moving that message to the trash.
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