What has the effect of Google’s “Possum” update been so far?

On September 1st, Google released another algorithm update. SEO experts have termed this the “Possum” update. The name was suggested by Phil Rozek, who thought the name was apt considering the Google My Business listings have now been filtered which can make it seem as if they are no longer there – as if they are “playing possum”.

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Steve Pailthorpe has been named the youngest Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors

Steve Pailthorpe, CEO here at Iconic Digital, was appointed as a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors last month. Alongside the other six new Freemen, at 29, Steve is the youngest Freeman ever to have been appointed in the Company.

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Should I still use Google Authorship?

June 25th 2014 saw the unexpected announcement of the removal of authorship photos from Google search results. Google has been encouraging everyone to use Authorship by integrating the author's Google Plus biography with the content the author has written.

What Is Google Authorship?

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SEO Changes Google Has Yet To Make?

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on Google’s SEO changes, particularly for those who work in SEO and marketing, or who need to keep up with what is a fairly fluid environment. The search engine giant does certainly like to keep everyone on their toes, avoiding manipulation of its rankings as far as it can. Many in the industry try to predict what Google is about to do next and sometimes these predictions are spot on – however this isn’t always the case.

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We're Finalists in the 2014 London Business Awards

We’re hugely proud to have been named as a finalist in the Prospects London Business Awards 2014. The inaugural awards brings together companies from across the capital to compete in several categories. The awards aim to demonstrate the best in class and celebrate the success of both small and large businesses. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in June to be held at The Brewery in London.
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New Drupal Website for leading Japanese Knotweed Specialist

UK Japanese Knotweed eradication specialists, Environet UK Ltd today launched a fantastic new Drupal 7 website courtesy of the development team at Iconic Digital.

The brief included a full site redesign to modernise their brand and improve optimisation. The new website needed to integrate with their CMS so that all contact forms write content directly into the system.  The new site looks visually stunning but also includes some useful widgets to enhance the call to action message.

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B2B, B2C, Or Human To Human Marketing?

Before the days of social media marketing, and the proliferation of devices that allowed easy access to the world’s largest repository of information , marketing campaigns used to be geared towards either businesses or consumers. In some ways, the B2B and B2C divide still exists – you should still address business leads differently to consumers for most products, but in reality it is always people that make decisions. 
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Mobile Phones Now Used In 6.8% Of Store Purchases

Deloitte have released figures showing that 6.8% of in-store sales are now driven by mobile influence. Businesses have long been aware that mobile phones are playing a bigger and more important in the purchasing process, but these recent figures may come as a surprise. Not only are consumers more likely to purchase products and items directly through mobile commerce channels, but the modern generation of smartphones are being used increasingly as a means to drive in-store shopping decisions too.

The Deloitte Survey

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Metro Claims Social Media Has Driven Record Traffic Figures

The online newspaper Metro has put record traffic figures down to its successful use of social media websites. Having undergone a major redesign in December 2012, the site has gone on to reach new heights; something that owners Associated Press have said is down to the introduction of the mobile friendly design and also the use of streams and a strong social media influence. A 21% month on month increase means that the so-called freesheet attracted more than 20 million visitors in November this year.
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5 Ways To Successfully Use Social Media For Your Business

Social media marketing can serve many purposes for your business, and for you professionally. Sites like Facebook and Twitter attract hundreds of millions, or even billions of users, and you only need to reach a tiny fraction of these people to be able to consider social media campaign a success. As well as using these sites to prospect for leads, there are other ways that you can consider using your social profile in a bid to try and improve your business and website results.

1 – Competitor Research

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